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I seen the add on women's health about pinnacle garcinia Cambogia and pinnacle mango cleanse . And it was showing how good the product worked and I got suckered in and believe all the lie because I wanted to lose weight so bad .

It said each product was only $4.95 for a limited time and it was free shipping . After I ordered the product I was online and saw on women's health about the diet pill scam. I felt to *** to fall for this . I called customer service number in my email where I purchased a product and it was a recording and I hit #1 to cancel but it still says I'm being charged Almost $40 for each product .

So I told I was only paying $10 , I really paying $80 . I am so upset over this

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I got suckered in for the something at 9.90 + free shipping. I didn't see that they charge after two weeks 79.95 per bottle.

I called yesterday they said they would cancel the account only charge for the one bottle. Today I look I have the second charge that he was suppose to have cancelled now in my account. Then today's rep tells me that my acct is still active and so he will give me a 30% discount which comes to 55.70 for both bottles. Now I may not be a math scholar but after paying originally 9.90 +158.80=168.70.

I cancelled and got a new card. I told them it was even two weeks and I didn't even receive them until last week.

They are a joke! If it wasn't for I live in the south and they are in Los Angeles, I would have drove over and hand delivered these bottles back and got my money back

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